Tips for Shiny Hair

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Shine is often the first attribute that comes to our minds when asked to describe the main ingredients that define a beautiful, healthy and sexy hairstyle. If you feel that your tresses need a shine boost read on to see what you can do to get closer to your goal!

Healthy shiny hair invariably attracts attention like a magnet being one of the top concerns of women who consider their tresses their main seduction weapon. Despite our best intentions many times getting the shine hair we want seems more like a desirable concept than like an achievable goal. However this worthy confidence boosting goal is completely achievable if we learn a series of basic steps that must be met to make our tresses, stronger.

Here are a few tips for stronger and shiny hair.

Learn to pick the right types of products for your hair- Although this might seem extremely obvious, many women don’t realize that the shampoo they are using might not work in their favor.

Choosing shampoo and conditioner for your hair type as well as the specific problems your hair might be facing is crucial. While you might be able to select a good shampoo and conditioner based on the information most manufacturers give on the label, this step is often only the beginning.

The styling products you use must be just as suitable for your hair and this is where most women get confused. For example a shampoo with polymers and a lightweight hairspray is a great choice for women with fine hair but it can be useless for women with coarse hair, which will benefit from using pomade to boost hair shine.

For those with normal hair types gels and shine creams are the best options.

Heat activated shampoos work very well for all hair types and tend to be excellent choices when a shine boost is desired. Also, conditioning the hair at least once a week is another mandatory step. While it might be tempting to use a variety of styling products to be able to get spectacular results, this idea will do more harm than good, especially if adding sheen is our primary goal. Styling products tend to coat the hair shaft weighting it down and making it a lot harder to boost hair volume. In addition to these steps it is also important to avoid shampooing our locks on a daily basis, as this strips our natural oils, making it harder to get a healthy natural looking shine.

Home remedies for shiny hair:

Depending on your hair color you can rely on a variety of different home remedies to get more shine. If you have sexy blonde tresses adding a few teaspoons of lemon juice will make the hair look shinier while for red and brown hair apple cider vinegar is a better choice. Half a cup of seltzer combined with an equal amount of cranberry juice can really make brunette hairstyles stand out. An egg and olive oil homemade mask is can also enhance the shine of your tresses if applied weekly for 20 minutes. Using almond oil as an overnight hair treatment once in a while is also a wise strategy.

Regular trims:

If you skip the regular 6 to 8 weeks split ends trimming sessions, you should not be surprised that your hair looks dull and lifeless. While wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or sleeping on a satin pillow case can prevent tangling and some of the damage of that the hair is normally exposed to, none of these steps can replace regular trimming sessions.

Hair protection: While asking someone to decrease the frequency of curling or straightening their locks is not always a sound idea, using high quality styling products as well as thermal protection spray whenever using heat based styling tools is a must.

Nowadays there are a variety of ionic blow driers and ceramic based flat irons to choose from that minimize the hair damage and make it possible to get superior results so make sure you invest in good quality products to be able to maintain the health of your tresses and get a healthy glow.